Inspired By Our Mission

Our mission is to change lives and give people hope for their financial future.

Your road to financial independence is paved with unique obstacles and opportunities. While goals and circumstances are ever-changing, we strive to ensure Crossroads Financial is the one constant among your many variables. Therefore, the first and most important investment we make is in our relationship with you.

The philosophy behind this connection with clients is simple: we treat you exactly how we would want to be treated. We believe our dedicated professionals transcend the average advisor-client relationship by creating a family-like atmosphere where you can feel involved and in control of your financial life. We are your reliable consultants, your key confidantes, and your sounding board for all types of decisions. When it comes to realizing your dreams, the care and concern we have for you inspire the tailored advice you receive.

Guided By Our Passion

Working with individuals who are positive, goal-oriented, and humble fuels our passion to help our clients and our community. Crossroads Financial is both committed to the wealth and well-being of those we serve, and we are driven to extend our influence beyond the office. The ultimate measure of our success is in the lives we touch and the impact we make. Because of this, giving back has become an essential part of our culture.

Once a year, we invite our friends, family, and clients to join us as we host a drive for a non-profit organization. Additionally, Jamie has a desire to impart his financial knowledge to local families and small businesses which led him to become a part of the non-profit organization, SCORE. Through this group he mentors individual entrepreneurs and helps them navigate through all stages of their businesses.

We are driven by our core values. Learn more about what those are and how we are guided by them to help you.

Meet The Team

With a total of 25 years in the securities industry and 27 years in the tax industry, the Crossroads Financial team is comprised of accomplished individuals with a wealth of experience. The secret to our cohesion, however, is the special consideration we place on forming lasting relationships with our clients.

We have the immense privilege of getting to know you and your family through our personalized planning process. Now, we invite you to learn more about who we are, giving you a glimpse into the integrity we possess both inside and outside of the firm


Jamie Paul

Financial Advisor


Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Crossroads Financial. His personal pursuit has always been to help clients find financial security and success. His 18-year retirement planning and 27-year career in tax planning make...

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Troy Langendoerfer

Investment Advisor Representative


A native of Honesdale, Troy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2019 from Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania with focus on Finance and Management. Troy started his finance career as a wealth...

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Debbie Essig

Admin Assistant

Debbie is passionate about helping our clients pay the least amount of income tax. She is a graduate of Marywood University and a native of Jessup Pennsylvania. In her free...

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Paula Briggs

Admin Assistant

A Susquehanna County native, she joined Crossroads Financial in 2019. She manages our New Milford office and assists our clients in a variety of ways. When not at the office, you can find Paula enjoying the outdoors with her family.
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Rosie Paul

Chief Morale Officer

Rosie joined the Crossroads Financial family in 2022. She frequently greets our clients with her happy "please feed and pet me" spirit.
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