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Choosing a financial advisor is about finding a professional who possesses the vast knowledge to overcome your pain points and navigate your future. In the relaxed, welcoming environment of Crossroads Financial, you will discover a team who understands your challenges and your aspirations because we, too, have traveled a similar path. Middle class to high net-worth, business owners to military personnel, starting a career to nearing retirement, we combine personal experience with customized recommendations in our financial, estate, and investment planning services.

Jamie’s previous career in tax preparation makes him particularly adept in many areas that affect your life. Over seventy-five percent of our clients leverage our skills and specialties when it comes to their yearly tax returns. It is especially rewarding for us to uncover potential savings through tax sensitive strategies.

When it comes to Social Security, Jamie can also help you take advantage of benefits available to you. Whether you want to maximize retirement income streams or explore your health care options, our team is up-to-date on current laws and avenues for assistance. Our main motivation in all that we do is enabling you to earn or save additional money through proactive planning.

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