Investing for the Whole Family

Our Multigenerational Approach

There are many people who make your life meaningful. Your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren are significant to who you are as an individual and as our client. It’s why Crossroads Financial facilitates holistic planning that is mindful of your whole family.

Whatever your needs – college savings, life insurance, or separate accounts to maximize tax savings and IRA contributions – we are here to help you weigh the pros and cons of each choice and determine how your plans will affect you and your loved ones. Our team honors your decision to involve those nearest and dearest to you as much or as little as you like, offering to educate them on how we are working towards stability, security, and strategic growth. Together, we can explore the emotional and relational aspects of your financial decisions, with an end goal of a strong portfolio that accounts for your many roles and responsibilities.

Your Extended Family

As a business owner, your employees become a part of your extended family. It’s natural you want for these hardworking individuals to be as confident about their future as you are about yours. Our experience in retirement planning allows us to assist you in establishing plans which benefit both the company and the participants. We’ll stand alongside you as you choose and enact a plan that’s right for your business and the men and women who work faithfully for you.

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