<strong>Comprehensive Financial Advice</strong>

Comprehensive Financial Advice

We frequently say that our firm is “weird”, and we wear that badge proudly. To us, this perfectly describes our approach to our partnerships with our clients – we will not engage in investments for clients if they still have outstanding debt outside of a mortgage. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean we turn away clients who have debt--We pair them with a financial coach to help them create a budget to alleviate their debt.

We encourage our clients not to invest until they’ve cleared all consumer debt.

Why do we do this? Studies have shown that strategies to build wealth are more successful if the investor was able to get rid of their debt before going into the market – and we practice what we preach. Our founder Jamie had challenges with debt in the past. He appeared on “The Ramsey Show” in 2021, telling his story about his struggle and the journey he took to pick himself up and become debt-free. You can hear his emphatic “Debt-Free Scream”!

<strong>We Work With 5 Types of Real People</strong>

We Work With 5 Types of Real People

  1. Self-employed individuals such as professional medical personnel, and small business owners
  2. Widows and widowers who are at a crossroads in life and need financial guidance
  3. Workers with employer stocks from companies such as Procter & Gamble, and Costco, who are looking to have access to NUA opportunities from an employer they are separating from
  4. Divorcees who are subject to a Qualified Domestic Relations Order
  5. Individuals who are looking to follow Ramsey Solutions investment guidelines

We teach people the truth about money. We will guide them on building wealth in the most tax-efficient way. We want to see everyone win in life, so we work hard to give people solutions that are tailored to suit them.

Learn about how our core values guide us to serve others better.

<strong>Guided Wealth Portfolio</strong>

Guided Wealth Portfolio

Just beginning your investment journey? Want to take the guesswork out of investing? Still want a live person when you need advice? Then Crossroad Financial's Guided Wealth Advising, using GWP, could be right for you!

Words of Wisdom

"The investor of today does not profit from yesterday's growth."

- Warren Buffet

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